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Today I am starting out with a very personal question.  Why do I work in the area of stress and stress reduction?
​The answer is simple. I used to be a highly stressed person. I had to struggle with the effects of deep stress my whole life.
This was until about a dozen years ago when I ran into some new techniques. It is a form of Applied Neuroscience. I actually call it a "human technology". Why that? Because it is a complete set of techniques and methods, but it is also totally natural and uses no gadgets or chemicals. ​It really helped me reduce stress faster and more thoroughly than anything I had tried before. Therefore it is now my passion to study, teach and coach people in this new, powerful and unbelievably fast acting technology.


The reason I was a highly stressed person was that I spent my early childhood
in a war zone,  in Germany during World War II.
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My hometown, Kaiserslautern, was bombed regularly. This is how it looked at the end of the war! I was then just 4 years old. Today we know that much more of how a child’s brain develops during the first 6 years of life.

If a lot of bad things happen during that time they are built into the brain structure and affect the person for the rest of their life. The way this affected me was deep insecurities, fears, and difficulties learning, especially languages and reading. My language teachers thought I wasn't that smart. Fortunately, I was pretty good in math, physics and chemistry, they let me pass.

But even into my adult years, I had a severe fear of being in the dark alone. What are some of the other effects of severe, early stress like that?

  • ​Not being at ease with one self and other people

  • Tendency to overreact or to "hide" and not show up genuinely

  • Immune functions compromised resulting in frequent colds, sore throats, or hoarse voice


Searching for ways to alleviate these problems I tried everything I could find: meditation, exercise, yoga, therapy, group psychology, art therapy, and forgiveness work. ​Much of this was helpful. But nobody explained to me about stress and brain function. Nobody seemed to know how these problems were generated. But at least these efforts reduced in some ways the internal pressures of extreme stress programmed into my brain. They allowed me to live a more constructive and reasonably successful life.
​But nothing changed my life more quickly and profoundly for the better than this new "human technology" I learned about 12 years ago. Within a few weeks, I felt like a new person.  I was happier, healthier, had more energy, mental clarity, and confidence. Immediately I began to study and teach these techniques. Later I discovered that all these problems I had, and many of the problems people have in general, are related to STRESS.


Why? Because stress is a natural part of our basic human survival function, the most central and critically important task of our brain.  I researched how the brain functions in survival mode, how it creates stress, and why these techniques are so unbelievably effective at reducing stress. I discovered that this new "human technology" works directly on that subconscious part of the brain where the survival response and therefore stress are generated.


That is why I made it my mission and life purpose to write about and teach you and as many people as possible how they can use this amazing and natural "human technology". How they can improve their lives, health and well-being with it. Much of this can be done by individuals by and for themselves even in total privacy if so desired.

  • ​You will ask what this amazing new technology is. While it is natural and easy to use, it must be taught properly. There is also still a fair amount of misleading, false or half true information circulating. That is why I wrote a book, offer 6-hour private coaching programs and occasional workshops.

  • Feel free to contact me with your thoughts and questions! I love to hear from you because I write this for YOU!
     >> contact me!


Best wishes for you and your loved ones to have a healthy, low-stress life! Your formerly very stressy writer and coach,
Fritz George Sauer

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